This Service Level Agreement "SLA", is part of the Agreement between Customer and Riskly "Agreement". Riskly Encourages Customer to review the SLA regularly. This SLA describes the levels of Product availability and support that Customer can expect to receive from Riskly for the duration of the Agreement between Customer and Riskly.

1. Definitions

Any definitions not defined in the Agreement already can be found below:

"Uptime" means the time the Riskly Product was up, as calculated in accordance with this SLA.
"Downtime" means the period of time during which the Riskly Product is wholly unavailable to Customer.

2. Scope of the SLA

This SLA only applies to the Product and the Professional Services as defined in the Agreement or applicable Statement of Work.

3. SLA term

This SLA will be effective starting on the Subscription Term date and will terminate without right to compensation or restitution upon expiry of or termination of the Agreement or applicable Statement of Work.

4. Responsibilities

Riskly shall: (i) Ensure that the Product and Professional Services are provided and available to Customer in accordance with the Uptime guarantee, (ii) respond to support requests in a timely manner and at maximum within the timescales listed below, (iii) takes steps to resolve issues in a timely manner and (iv) maintime clear and timely communication with Customer at all times.

Customer shall: (i) Notify Riskly of issues or problems in a timely manner and (ii) cooperate with Riskly where necessary to resolve issues by providing the appropriate information that may assist Riskly in resolving the issues or problems in a timely manner.

5. Availability

As Riskly is still in Beta, we cannot guarantee any Uptime. We will take all reasonable efforts to provide Customer with the best service as possible, for this reason, we aim for an Uptime of 99% each month 24 hours a day, 7 days a week “Service Hours”. Uptime is measured based on the monthly average availability, rounded down to the nearest minute and calculated as follows:

Uptime = ( Service Hours - Downtime ) / Service hours * 100

6. Service Credits

As Riskly is still in beta we do not provide any service credits for Downtime.

7. Response time and resolution time

In the event Customer informs Riskly of an issue or problem through the designated support channels, Riskly shall respond in a timely manner and at least within 24 hours of receipt of the issue or problem.

As Riskly is still in beta we do not provide any resolution time, although we aim to resolve critical issues and problems as soon as reasonably possible.

8. Where to contact us

Customer can request support through the platform and by sending an email to [email protected]. Currently we are not reachable through telephone as we are still in Beta.

Our support hours are 0900 until 1700 Amsterdam time during weekdays.

9. Improvements and maintenance of the Product

Where Riskly improves the product or conduct maintenance, Riskly shall inform Customer off any Downtime. Riskly shall aim to perform maintenance during the weekend to avoid any negative impact on Customer. Riskly shall inform Customer via the Product at least 48 hours prior to the Downtime.

Any improvement or maintenance that has been previously announced shall not be taking into account for the downtime.

10. Changes to the SLA

This SLA may be updated at Riskly’s discretion. As we are still in Beta, we expect regular updates to reflect improvements to our business (ie. better response times and Uptime guarantee that we can provide). For this reason, we will only notify Customer if Riskly believes changes could have a negative impact on Customer. If this is the case, Riskly shall inform Customer at least 14 days prior to the update to the SLA. We encourage Customer to review this SLA periodically.