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Riskly SaaS Tool

Our SaaS tool reduces friction within your third party management processes.

Control third-party risks

Reduce security, privacy, and financial third party risks from the vetting process until off-boarding, we got it covered for you. Riskly allows you to keep track of risks and remediation plans.

Reduce friction

Riskly tackles burdensome communication and reduces friction between yourself and your third-parties. This means, no more manual questionnaires in excel with endless back and forwarding via email! Use one of our built-in questionnaires or use your questionnaire builder to create your own.

Verify compliance

Verify your vendor’s compliance with any standard or regulation. We have standard questionnaires for common regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, and you can build your own questionnaire to fit any regulation. Questionnaires can also be sent to internal people, enabling organizations to verify self-compliance with various regulations.

Enhance procedures

Eliminate the manual steps within your procedure and save time while gaining increased insight into your third-party risks. Riskly eases compliance with standards such as section 15 of the ISO 27001:2013, Supplier Relationships, and Article 28 of the GDPR, Processor.

Keep full history

We keep track of all historic events, happening during the lifecycle of your partner relationships, for you. With that information, you will be able to easily find the necessary historic information in case of a dispute for example when you need such information.

Riskly Consultancy Services

Our team consists of some of the best third party management experts, they are available to help you with anything you need to make sure your third-parties are managed successfully.

Matching your needs

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise with thousands of third-parties, we have the right people to help you.

Our Consultancy Services

" With Riskly we found a future-proof vendor management tool that allows us to scale our third party use in a secure way"

" I have been performing a lot of security intakes on third-parties ... Riskly reduces these issues and helps me dealing with all at once "

" With Riskly, we found a solution that allows me to use the data of my peers to make informed decisions on third-parties "

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