Reduce risk of third party management

Riskly makes managing security, privacy, or financial risks of your organization’s suppliers and partners easy. We help you take control and save time by managing your relations in an automated way.

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Data driven

Pick your preferred supplier based on our scores

When an organization within our community already reviewed a third-party, you will be able to get the score the third party got so you don’t have to perform an intake as well.


No more endless emails and spreadsheets

We provide online intakes that are easy to use. Send and review questionnaires with just a few clicks while our system automatically flags potential risks.


Insight in the risks of your vendors in one clear overview

Give your main stakeholders relevant summaries of your risks with our reporting functionality in mere minutes.

Enterprise ready

Extensive reporting functionality, SSO and more

SSO comes as standard, so you do not have to worry about managing your users or another set of passwords. We also have integrations available that you can use to link to the tools your teams are already using.

By using Riskly, you set yourself up with a scalable and future-proof solution to manage all your third parties.

Table example

Easy to use

Find your most critical third parties in seconds and view important information such as security ratings or vendor risks and take action.

Intakes example

Online intakes

Send questionnaires to assess your third parties in mere minutes with our preloaded industry-standard questionnaires such as VSAQ or CAIQ.

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Risk flagging

Riskly automatically flags risks based on your requirements and provides a clean overview to let you manage them easily.

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Within Riskly you can discuss with all parties, allowing you to drastically reduce the friction in discussions and intakes!

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Vendor Database

Verify the security and privacy of your third parties without sending a questionnaire!

Industry-standard questionnaires
Verify compliance with
ISO 27001

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