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Why Riskly?

Riskly makes managing your organizations’ relations with partners and suppliers easier and more streamlined, to let you take control over security, privacy and financial risk of those partners and suppliers.

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Data driven

Pick your preferred supplier based on our scores

When an organization within our community already reviewed a third party, you will be able to get the score the third party got so you don’t have to perform an intake as well.party got so you don’t have to perform one as well.


No more endless emails and spreadsheets

We provide online intakes that are easy to use. Send and review questionnaires with just a few clicks while our system automatically flags potential risks.


Insight in the risks of your partners in one clear overview

Give your main stakeholders relevant summaries of your risks with our reporting functionality in mere minutes.

Enterprise ready

Extensive reporting functionality, SSO and more

SSO comes as standard, so you don’t have to worry about managing your users or another set of passwords. We also have integrations available that you can use to link to the tools your teams are already using.

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Third party overview

With Riskly you are able to manage your third parties in a future-proof way with the help of complete and detailed overviews showing the most relevant information. These overviews can be filtered on whichever benchmark or criteria that is most important to you.

Download reports that can be shared with stakeholders in one click to keep them up-to-date of the risks your supplier and partner landscape are posing.

By using Riskly, you set yourself up with a scalable and future-proof solution to manage all your third parties.

Find your most critical third parties in seconds and view important information such as security and continuity ratings, a vendor’s risk score, and when the last intake was performed. This allows you to follow up with your supplier to check if they have taken action or if more needs to be done.

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Online intakes

Send out questionnaires to assess your third parties in mere minutes. Riskly comes preloaded with industry standard questionnaires such as the Vendor Security Alliance (VSAQ) and Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ), which are ready for you to use from the moment you sign up. If you have your own questionnaires, you can import these into Riskly or build them from scratch using our extensive questionnaire template builder.

Dashboard example
Dashboard example

As soon as a third party answers your questions, Riskly automatically flags risks based on your requirements and provides a clean overview summarizing the results. Through the application you can manage these risks and make sure your third party has alternative measures, or is able to implement measures to reduce your risk. Riskly will notify you when these agreed upon implementations or reviews are due.

Furthermore, we understand that it can be difficult to communicate with your third party about potentially ambiguous answers. That’s why every response comes with it’s own comment section, allowing you and your counterpart to keep discussions on topic, in-place and easily organized.By using Riskly you can dramatically reduce the friction in discussions and intakes!

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" With Riskly we found a future-proof solution that allows us to scale our third party use in a secure way."

" As an information security officer, I have been performing a lot of security intakes on third parties. These intakes take a lot of my time and often cause friction between the third party and me and my colleagues. Riskly reduces these issues and helps me dealing with all at once. "

" With Riskly, we found a scalable and future proof solution that allows me to use the data of my peers to make informed decisions on third parties, removing the friction and keeping my stakeholders satisfied. "

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