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GDPR & vendor risk management misconceptions

In the vendor management landscape, we see a surge in companies reaching out to help them with the performance of third-party...

Largest third-party data breaches of 2021

In 2021 hackers were on top of their game again to go after people's data and successfully hacked their way into both governm...

How to vet third parties

Daily, many organizations work on processes to control risks concerning their third-party vendors and partners. These process...

What is third party risk management and why is it important?

More organizations are relying more heavily on third-parties. While there are various good business reasons to do so, they al...

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Sector: Government

We help governmental institutions comply with the BIO (Baseline information security government). We have the right people to...

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Notary offices unable to pass deeds due to breach at IT supplier

The Dutch Royal Notarial Association (KNB) made a statement (Dutch only) on the 20th of April that a group of 96 notary offic...

Don’t touch our cheese: largest Dutch supermarket, Albert Heijn, affected by a third party data breach

The largest supermarket in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn (Ahold), has been subject to a third-party data breach resulting in ...

Shell impacted by third-party data breach

Energy giant Shell (Royal Dutch Shell) became victim of a third-party data breach incident involving Accellion’s File Transfe...

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