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Sector: Government

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We help governmental institutions comply with the BIO (Baseline information security government). We have the right people to set up the necessary processes and the right tool to automate and save time on vetting third parties.

With Riskly, you will be able to evaluate your suppliers towards compliance with the BIO within minutes. Using our tool you will be able to:

  • Use our standard questionnaire identifying BIO compliance;
  • Gain direct insight into the compliance of your supplier with BIO in one simple overview;
  • Automate the process of sending out questionnaires;
  • Be reminded of important milestones such as renewals to verify compliance again;
  • With access to our vendor database, the information will be at your fingertips at all times without sending a single questionnaire.

Using our tool will reduce friction between you and your third parties as we remove all the unnecessary communication. No need anymore for enormous sheets that need to be completed by the third party and reviewed.

Why riskly can help with governement solutions