Riskly provides the most competitive pricing for third party risk management tooling in the market. You can already start sending questionnaires to your third parties for only 499 Euro per month!


€499 / month
  • Complete overview of your third parties
  • Automated questionnaires
  • Access to vendor pages

Get a full overview of your third party risk landscape, send your questionnaires to third parties and visit vendor pages with already pre-completed assessments.

2 months free with annual subscription
25% discount for NGO/education

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Community scores

+ €199 / month
  • Vendor community scores

A community security score given to vendors based on the answers provided in industry standard questionnaires which will allow you to pick your preferred third party in minutes!

2 months free with annual subscription
25% discount for NGO/education

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available Early 2021


  • Your own vendor page
  • Visibility to your clients
  • Reduce time spent on security questionnaires

Your own vendor detail page where people can easily find security related information about your business, including pre-filled questionnaires, so you don’t have to worry about completing multiple security questionnaires every day.

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available Early 2021


At Riskly we can help your organisation improve your security and risk management posture. Our team with decades of experience are available to provide you with the support you need, score better in RFPs and be a more reliable and trustworthy organisation in general.


COMING SOON: available Early 2021

You will also be able to integrate Riskly with other applications. We offer a set of integrations that will help you to remove friction within your own organization.

Managed Intakes

We can support you by conducting your third party intakes. Whether it is for an intake of a critical third party or you need to perform an independent audit on one of your suppliers, we can conduct the assessment so you can focus on other priorities.

Third party management process

Do you need help defining, implementing, maintaining and improving a scalable and future proof third party management process that allows you to reduce the risks you pose, improve your relationships and gain real value from your third parties. Our third party management experts will help you define a third party management process that fits your needs.

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