About Riskly

We are a team of information security professionals and software engineers unhappy with the state of third party relationship management processes, awareness and tooling. We decided to build our own platform to address the issues we face daily and support other companies in getting this right.

Instead of just providing a tool that allows you to send out questionnaires, we needed to create something that removes the friction between various stakeholders and allow information security, privacy, legal and procurement professionals to perform their reviews in minutes.

Made in Holland

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How it all started

Riskly's founders are seasoned information security professionals, conducting vendor intakes and managing critical vendors on a high frequency basis. Third parties have been identified as a serious and easy to abuse security threat over and over. However, the market was not significantly improving in this segment.

Frustrated with the amount of tooling or the raw enterprise focus of existing solutions not aimed at actually causing a change in the way organizations deal with suppliers and partners, we decided to start creating our own product.

Privacy first

With Riskly being located in the European Union, we are subject to strict laws and regulations with regards to privacy and security, such as the GDPR. Our platform has been created taking privacy and security by design into account from the very start and we will continue to do so for every new feature we release.

Security by design

The security of the data we process of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. For this reason we are also compliant with the ISO 27001:2013 and strive to follow industry best practices as applicable.

Our vision
Companies can always trust their partners and that trust should be easy to gain or be immediately implicit from community evidence.

Our third party management tool addresses issues that security and privacy professionals encounter on a daily basis. With Riskly, I hope to make their work a bit easier by allowing them to automate their third party vendor management process while staying in control.

— John Kraal, CEO

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